Sunday, 31 October 2010

Dispatches: Street Kids

 I'd say Robyn's actualising tendency is working overtime:

"I used to sleep in bed at night with a massive blade under my pillow when I was a little girl!" Robyn tells us, "And the funny thing was, all sorts of stuff went on in that bed and I never used the knife. I don't know why!"

One of the truly Great things about Britain is that if you're 15 years old, shoving heroin in your arm seven times daily, living in a graveyard, well, someone has to help. You probably don't want the bloody help: the outreach worker, the benefit clerk, the children's home – they can all quite literally "do one". As Robyn in Dispatches: Street Kids (Mon, 8pm, C4) proves, by the time you're a pile of bones, covered in scabs, carrying everything you own in a small Superdrug carrier bag, you're not in the mood for another grown-up and their "good ideas". You don't want to be in their system. But this is what we do.

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