Friday, 28 January 2011

Thick and Lazy

Zoe Williams' piece in the Guardian is partly ideological but then, what isn't?

Read it anyway
And in the Midlands, a different early-years charity of 40 years' standing had to sit through the gob-smacking naivety of a new coalition minister telling them to organise meetings for new parents in the local Starbucks, on estates where there are as many branches of Starbucks as there are new parents with £2.50 to spare for a cup of coffee.

Naivety can be fun to poke people with but when there's such enormous distance between the naive and the people they're have power over things get stupidly dangerous.

Parents "need to be aware of the sensitive period for emotional development in the earliest 18 months and the particular need during that period to avoid stress, domestic violence, physical abuse and neglect". Stress and domestic violence are here portrayed as things you can engage in or eschew at will, like going out clubbing in a sparkly boob tube: you've had your fun girls, but now you've got a baby you really have to put all these indulgences behind you.

Avoid domestic violence? There's a thought! Shame, then, that domestic violence funding is  being cut by 100% in some areas and the statistic of two women being killed a week by an ex or current partner hasn't changed in decades.

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