Monday, 25 April 2016

A reminder that you are not alone.

Psy-professionals have a tendency to feel isolated at the best of times. I've felt like a lone voice on the subject of class and income for many years and so it was a joy to recognise that other therapists have been thinking and discussing the subject for some time.

 There are a number of psy-groups thinking deeply and intelligently about the ways in which poverty, class, politics, ideology and so on interact to effect the individual, and a growing number are speaking up against the use of an economic model to punish, physically and emotionally, vulnerable people.  Here's the letter that brought attention to the ways in which people are being harmed to the profession as a whole and to the public.
. . . the wider reality of a society thrown completely off balance by the emotional toxicity of neoliberal thinking is affecting Britain in profound ways, the distressing effects of which are often most visible in the therapist’s consulting room. This letter sounds the starting-bell for a broadly based campaign of organisations and professionals against the damage that neoliberalism is doing to the nation’s mental health. 

The BACP has 40,000 members, the UKCP has 7,000 and there will be some cross over between groups. 400 therapists signed this letter.  I'm proud to have been one of them.

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