Monday, 25 April 2016

Neoliberalism and Education

This is a blog about education but I was struck at how so many of the themes the author recognises are similar to how many therapists conceptualise the world.

Many of these young men negotiated their identities

I consider the act of ‘aspiring’ a negotiation; a continual process of desire, reflexivity, defense mechanisms and guarding against shame as one comes to understand

As the young men in my study came to navigate their schooling and the labels placed upon them, they found ways to constitute themselves as ‘subjects of value’ though it is a process that involves daily reaffirmation.

some students who embody certain desirable characteristics are saved, while many students are written off from the moment they enter the school building.

they were adept at discussing how their current constraints were in contrast to the rhetoric of achievement and social mobility.

white working-class British children are less resilient 

My time spent with these white working-class boys, in an era of high-stakes testing and extreme pressure, showed me how fear and shame can haunt working-class relationships to education.

Please read the whole article. What did you think?

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